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On the Traces of La Corrivaux

6th edition

Musicians, actors, and extras will play the role of historical figures and take turns telling the dramatic story of this young woman who marked history and left her name in the legend of La Corriveau. Sur les traces de La Corrivaux presents the real facts of the trial, her execution, and the legends still very much alive in the collective imagination. The true and tragic story of a woman convicted of murdering her second husband, Louis-Étienne Dodier.

Staging and casting are being handled by the National Battlefields Commission's activities team. Some Saint-Vallier residents in period clothing will play the roles of those present at Marie-Joseph Corrivaux's trial.

The National Battlefields Commission is pleased to collaborate for a fourth consecutive year on the stage show Sur les traces de La Corrivaux, presented by the municipality of Saint-Vallier, Marie-Joseph Corrivaux's birthplace and residence.

In French. Not recommanded for children under 13.

Video: Interview in French with Luc Nicole-Labrie, Historical interpretation coordinator, at the 98.9 radio station about La Corriveau.

Where: Saint-Vallier de Bellechasse Church.

When: August 25, 2018, at 8 p.m. Entertainment on church doorsteps at 7:15 p.m. 

Admission: $35/Reserved seating.

Information and reservation: lacorrivaux.net  

In French only.